Holiday dangers for your pet, or how not to spend the holidays at the vet

Happy holidays!! We are so thankful this season for all of you and your furry babies. I want to take a few minutes of your time and give you the list of things to watch out for during this time of year. Some you may be aware of, but I bet some of these are not on your radar.

Christmas tree water– can cause GI upset

Poinsettas– not as dangerous as most think, however still can cause GI upset

Amaryllis bulbs– Can cause serious illness including blood pressure abnormalities and neurologic signs

Lillies– Renal failure especially in cats; peace lillies are not included in this group

Alcohol– drunk pets are not funny, can cause seizures, coma, aspiration and death

Chocolate– can cause vomiting, seizures, and death in large quantities. The darker chocolates and baking chocolates are worst

Tinsel, Ribbons, Ornaments– can become GI obstructions or choking hazards

Silica Gel packets– included in many packages, can cause GI upset or swell and become an obstruction

Electric cords– If bitten can cause shock and or wounds in mouth

Batteries– can corrode in stomach and cause perforation of stomach or bowels

The best poison control number for pets is by the ASPCA. Call 1-888-ANI-HELP or

Keep your furry kids safe this season. Happy holidays to all of you!!!


Wag More, Bark Less,

Dr. Macie

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