You may already be familiar with Dr. Macie’s baby “Crosby” who spends almost every day at Animal Care Center along with his two feline sisters, Fiona and Nala. Crosby is a Boston Terrier who is a little love bug. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t have to explain to someone that Crosby is a lover. Jumping on the counter to give you hugs and kisses is just his way of saying hello, that he loves you and that he is there to make you happy.

He comes up to the front desk at just the right time to give a little bit of love by meeting an owner who has just received some no so good news about their dog or sits with an owner who may have just ended a decade-long friendship with their trusted companion. On crazy long days, he is there with a friendly hug and his own way to encouragement for the Animal Care Center team.

The next time you are checking out at Animal Care Center you may be asked, “Would you like to join the Crosby’s Crew?”

Life delivers many unexpected events, including unexpected expenses with our pets. These moments often leave owners with difficult decisions to make when urgent, emergency care is needed and they can’t quite figure out the financial side of the care that their pet needs. That’s where Crosby’s Crew can help to support our community.

When checking out at a store, you might be asked if you would like to “round up” to support a certain cause or charity. Banks often have “keep the change” programs to help their account-holders learn how small amounts of money can turn into significant savings.

Simply put, being a part of Crosby’s Crew is about rounding your invoice up to the next dollar. If you’ve tried it, you probably know the impact of 13 or 57 cents, when it is done 15 or 30 times a day. Proceeds will be used not only to assist the Prattville community when those out of the ordinary situations can create a financial distress, but also to support animal-related organizations.

Everyone needs a little helping hand and that is just what Crosby’s Crew can do.

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